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“I am an above-the-knee amputee and a cancer survivor. I have been to several rehab facilities. The Sigurd Center has by far been the best in handling my disability. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and have been a true blessing in my life. I whole heartedly recommend them to you for your ortho and neuro therapy.”
-Matthew Lazur

“The Sigurd Center has resurrected my belief of the actions of humanity through the spirit and guidance of God. I am very grateful that He in His wisdom has chosen the Sigurd Center to care and rehabilitate not only my body but also my spirit and soul.”
-Anonymous patient of The Sigurd Center

“I am constantly reminded that I suffered an incapacitating stroke and I frequently ask myself, what do I have to be thankful for? My therapists! I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the time and effort the Sigurd Center staff has invested in me during the last year. Following one of the most enjoyable and successful therapy experiences, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the people who made it possible.  It is a pleasure to come here. If you come in sad, you can’t stay that way, the staff and owners positive spirit is very contagious and it makes therapy all the better! My heartfelt thanks to all of the staff of the Sigurd Center for your tireless support for my continued improvement. I am committed to regaining more of my independence and am happy to have my therapy here! Sincere thanks to all!”
-Anonymous Patient of The Sigurd Center

"After being diagnosed with rapid progression Parkinson’s Disease, my physician recommended physical therapy to assist with balance, mobility, and muscle rigidity.  Since June 2008 I have been receiving physical and occupational therapy at the Sigurd Center in West Columbia.  Kirsten Thompson is a Registered Physical Therapist and owner of the Sigurd Center.  She played an active role in my initial evaluation and formulation of a therapy regimen.  I have been seen twice weekly for an hour each of physical/occupational therapy.

"Members of the Sigurd Center team have provided a challenging physical exercise program, stimulating mental challenges, and a treatment for injuries suffered in falls.  Remaining mobile has enabled me to still perform many of the activities that I enjoy (gardening, painting, attending sporting events, travel, and quality time with my grandson).

"Special attention to each patient, smiles, and genuine care and concern are evident at each session.  Jennifer, Sunshine, and Jenna are all competent, well informed therapists who provide all patients excellent service and care.  Thanks to all of them for allowing me to stay active and maintain my dignity throughout this debilitating illness."

-Charles E. Millwood, Jr., D.M.D, Patient of The Sigurd Center

"After two hospital stays with atypical pneumonia and inserting an Internal Cardiac Device for short episodes of Ventricular Tachycardia, a Physical Medicine Physician recommended Kirsten Thompson and her staff at The Sigurd Center. That recommendation was a true blessing. Over the last several months I have received therapy treatment from the staff at The Sigurd Center. Every therapist is competent, professional, caring and friendly. You will feel comfortable and welcomed at each visit and they are pleased to work with you to meet your needs. They know exactly what to do and they will improve your life."
James R. Morris, Jr., President of Genesis Consulting Group



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